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Orbit Creative design and develop websites that not only look good, but are properly structured to enable your website to feature prominently within search results.

Initial Contact and Proposal

Before we start the project we’ll meet up or talk on the phone about the requirements for your website. Based on this we’ll write a proposal with a quote for the project that includes Cloud Hosting for the first year. In addition, we include our search engine optimisation plans for the first 3 months.

If you accept the proposal we’ll sign a contract and we’ll invoice you for the first payment of a third of the total project cost.

Discovery and Research

It all begins with plenty of questions from us to learn about your business, your requirements and outcomes.

Based on your answers we research your competitors with ideas for the design direction.

Content Planning

A website needs words and pictures. We will create a content architecture for the sites website pages. These will show the required content and elements for each page.


Using the style direction we will design the look and feel of the website. Some of this will be in the form of static images, some might be interactive using a prototype to see how the design will work in a real environment. You will be able to give feedback on the progress.


Once the design is finalised we will build the website, using clean code and with a mobile-first approach. If the website requires a content management system, then the functionality for this will be added now too.

Testing and Launch

When the build is complete we will put the website through its paces in various browsers and on various devices. A website will never look exactly the same everywhere, but it needs to be usable and work everywhere! When the testing is done, all that remains is launching the website.

Ongoing Maintenance

After the website is launched we can set up a plan to maintain the website, keep it up-to-date and help it grow to reach your intended outcomes.

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