Content Distribution Network (CDN) is now available to new and existing customers with all our hosting packages.

CDN provides your websites with a performance boost wherever your users are.

CDN provides your website with a performance boost wherever your users are in the world. With increased loading times that benefits your website with dynamic caching; providing full control over the duration of caching of images, Javascript and CSS.

As well as edge-caching it includes a comprehensive website speed optimisation suite. Through tools like image compression and code minification, it can drastically speed-up a website. We will determine which settings are suited best for your website based upon the platform used and whether fresh content is added frequently.

cdn edge server

The Advantages of CDN

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) offer numerous advantages by improving website load time for users regardless of their global location. This is achieved by caching website copies on servers located strategically at our network edge. The CDN utilizes internet exchange points (neutral data centres) utilized by industry giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Our CDN also incorporates multiple speed-enhancing features to automatically apply web performance best practices that improve website acceleration. This includes features such as automatic image resizing, image compression, and code minification. Overall, CDNs are a reliable and efficient way to increase website speed, leading to enhanced user experience and improved website traffic.

How CDN works

A Content Distribution Network (CDN) is all about making a website load faster for all users, wherever they are in the world.

This is done by storing (caching) copies of your website on servers at the network edge. For example, if your website is hosted at a UK data centre, there might be a delay if you try to access that site from the USA. So a copy of your website is stored on a server closer to the user, called a Point of Presence (POP). Multiple copies of your site’s data is stored at different POPs throughout the world, so your site will load faster in remote places. Your users will navigate your site more efficiently, wherever they are.

While it’s good for users, it also helps your website in other ways. Search engines love fast-loading sites so there’s an SEO benefit to having a CDN.

Our CDN offers the same features as premium providers like Cloudflare.

Content Delivery Network

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